Shift Power Solutions

Shift Power Solutions, Inc.

Illuminating your path towards energy independence

From Point Of Use - Point Of Generation tactical solutions for Water Filtration and Power Generation, to Electric Vehicle charging systems, to complete commercial energy solution sets, Shift is a true consumer dedicated company. We design, build, integrate, install, and maintain the systems that allow you to achieve your objectives, keep your facilities safe, secure, productive, comfortable, and highly energy-efficient.

Our directive is to empower you and your business with a multitude of choices in the next logical steps of energy efficiency, generation, and ultimately energy independence. We are here to guide you and advise you throughout each stage of the process.

By utilizing a combination of tried and true as well as emergent technologies we are able to give you the ultimate mix of products to power your business and achieve your goals. Our proprietary innovations in combination with our strategic alliances ensure that we are able to deliver the ultimate solution set every time regardless of complexity or scope. We are committed to your success today, tomorrow, for as long as you own your business.

It's time to SHIFT the power back to you!