Shift Power Solutions

SPS P U-AC/DC-24/60 Converter Box

SPS W 1000-RO

The Shift Power Solutions Universal AC/DC Converter Box is designed to meet several non traditional electrical requirements simultaneously. Power conversion to DC, weatherproofed enclosure, operations in expeditionary environments and transportability. Compact and simplistic operations power converter box is designed to operate in the most harsh environments with continuous service. This converter can take in all forms of AC power from 80 Volt to 250 volts and then convert to 12/24 VDC with up to 60 AMPs of current available. Source power from grid or local generators can be used as an alternate source of power for all in vehicle systems through the NATO slave cable receptacle. Ideally suited to be used in expeditionary roles where local power generation is available and in vehicle systems are still required.

Operations is conducted through the plugging in of cables and then using equipment. Internal circuitry and thermal protections are automated and do not require any monitoring. The enclosure has been tested and can withstand a four inch rain storm in conjunction with a 40 MPH winds. The connectors are all water tight and can be customized to be used with any standard connection. Current model is 24VDC. Output DC voltage can be customized to meet customer requirements

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Available Accessories to Base Unit

  • Utility Tie Down strap
  • NATO Slave Cable Connector