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SPS W-1000 RO

SPS W 1000-RO

The SPS W 1000-RO is a Reverse Osmosis water filtration solution that is portable for remote locations, disaster relief needs, humanitarian assistance missions or for permanent installations where there is little on no existing electrical power generation capability. The system can produce up to 1000 gallons per day of pure and healthy drinking water. Its Point Of Use, Point Of Generation design is an ideal solution to minimize the logistical burden associated with water movement and can dramatically reduce the “fully burdened cost” of water in a field environment.

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Simplistic operations - 15 minute setup One man portable
Stainless Steel Hose connectors Ultra High Efficiency power circuitry
Operational Instructions on lid
(foreign languages)
Pressure drop auto kill switch-prevents running dry
Charcoal Post Filtration NSF Components
High volume pre-filtration filter TDS Sensor-preset and customizable
Multi-voltage input capability 12-50VDC Corrosion resistant construction
Feeder pump (50 mesh) with 5 or 10 micron filter sock Waterproof MILSPEC Case (34"x29"x17")
Multiple power source capable
(250 watt continuous)
Supports well operations
   12 Volt car/motorcycle batteries (2x in series) 10 Foot NATO Connector Cable
   Solar Power (3 Solar Blankets) Car Battery cable set option
   NATO Connection receptacle Feeder Pump floatation buoy
   AC Power (110-220) Distinguishable tubing for product, waste, & input
   Quick Disconnect hoses
Accessories Consumables
NATO Slave Receptacle Power cable RO Membrane
50 foot NATO Cable
Additional 25 foot water hose sections with power cord
Solar Panel Set with Case - 3 x 220 Watt panels Hoses and Tubing
AC/DC Power Converter
Feeder Pump Filter Sock
High Volume Feeder Pump
US Garden Hose bib adapter to any other size tubing
Deep Well Augmentation
Storage Tanks
SPS W 2500 Specifications
SPS W 2500 Specifications