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SPS W 1000-RO

The SPS W6500-UF/HM/A is designed to support large scale Disaster Relief efforts or Humanitarian Assistance efforts. With a small 6ftX6ftX5ft footprint and a weight of approximately 2900 lbs this system is air, surface or trailer deliverable to a site. It is capable of filtering up to 6500 gallons of fresh water per day on solar energy depending on the weather conditions and solar isolation factor. The system comes with batteries for additional capability and operations when sunlight is limited. Battery recharging takes approximately 4-6 hours based on solar insolation factor. Additionally the system can utilize power inputs from wind turbines, generator sets, the sister power systems or an established power grid. Once placed the system is very simple to set up (usually within 20 minutes for 2 people) and has minimal O&M costs.

Filters up to 6,500 gallons a day at a rate of 4.5 GPM 24 Volt VAC Valves (Micro Processor Controlled)
Up to 4 days of Operation Without Recharge System Operational In Maintenance Configuration(no hose disconnect)
Built in redundancy: Solar direct operation built in without batteries required (daytime only) for greater productivity Pressure drop auto kill switch-prevents running dry
Ultra Filtration Membrane Technology All Corrosion resistant construction
Charcoal Post Filtration: additional filtration and flavoring Supports well operations up to 150 feet
High Volume Pleated Pre-Filtration Bore Hole well depths up to 450 ft with pump upgrade
Onboard Disinfecting Chemical Injection System Retractable Service Platform
TDS Sensor-preset and customizable Adjustable Solar Panel Angle
Automatic UF Backwashing Multiple power source capable
Meets or exceeds NSF certification quality   Integrated Solar Power
Flow Meter - To Detect Usage   Wind Power Solar Power
Pre & Post Pressure Gauges   Generator
     AC Power (110-220)
Accessories Consumables
Wind Turbines UF Membrane
3 & 6 KW Generator Pre-Filter
Spare Tanks For Other Performance Media (heavy metals) Post-Filter
Deep Well Augmentation - Upgraded Feeder Pump Chlorine for Chemical Injector
Water Storage Tanks With Optional Float Valve
Feeder Pump Socks
RO Filter Packs
Heavy Metal Removal  
SPS W 2500 Specifications