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Water Harvesting Systems

SPS W 1000-RO

We specialize in providing and implementing the most efficient solar pump systems in the world. Our solar pumps can operate directly from photovoltaic
(solar) panels or from batteries that are charged by any combination of DC input sources. Our systems provide flow rates up to 520 gallons per minute or lift over 2000 feet. Most of the Lorentz solar pump models we provide can be ordered with optional AC power inputs for situations in which utility power, inverter power or generator power is available but efficiency is necessary.


Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient, durable and economical solar pump solution available for your application. Lorentz Solar Pumps are for locations beyond the reach of power lines. Solar Water Pumping offers a clean and reliable alternative to fuel-burning generators and windmills. Solar Water Pumps require no fuel and minimal maintenance.

Solar pumps are less expensive than windmills, are easier to install, and provide a more consistent supply of water. This is especially true in areas where wind may be seasonal and inconsistent.