Illuminating your path towards energy independence

  • Pump can be thermostatically controlled
  • IP67 Rated (Submersible for 30 minutes at 1 meter) sealed against water and dust
  • Operates with up to 75C input liquid with-out derating
  • Scalable: 3kW / 6kW / 9kW up to 54kW
  • Microprocessor controlled with CAN Bus interface; 500kBd standard (modifiable)
Input Voltage World Compatible Universal AC Input (100-240 VAC)
Frequency 47-63Hz
Inrush Current < 40A @ 230 VAC, 60 Hz, Full Load
Current 12A / 16A; Auto limit by line voltage
Protection Internally Fused 20A, both lines
Leakage < .75mA @ 230 VAC, 60 Hz (UL2202)
Efficiency 92% typical depending on line and output voltage
Output Power 3kW with 208AC or above Auto adjusts for maximum line utilization below 208VAC
Output Voltage Range I Option: 125-225VDC (24A Max below 125VDC) Range II Option: 225-450VDC (13.3A Max below 225VDC)
Ripple < 1% below 20 MHz
Setpoint Accuracy < 2% overall
Over Current Protection 110% Self Limiting
Over Voltage Protection 110% Threshold
Over Power Protection Over Power Protection
Environmental Protection IP67 Rated against water and/or dust
Shake and Vib Designed to meet GMW-3172
Over Temp Protection 85C Internal temperature
Cooling Liquid Cooling (min. 4 liters/minute)
EMI Compliance Designed to meet FCC Class B
Safety Compliance Designed to meet UL2202


2 Year Full Warranty

Easy to Use Plug and Play operation

Auto restart from fault (i.e.: power failure, brownout or output fault) every 30 minutes during charge cycle

Designed to meet or exceed industry standards

Controlled, Monitored and Programmed via CAN Bus interface for Automatic, Manual or BMS controlled operation

Charger is monitored and programmed via Current Ways "VIP Control" GUI (Graphical User Interface program)

Compact size and weight 10kg (22 lbs.)

Air Cooled model available

Parallelled Example


  • Up to 18 chargers paralleled in 3kW increments, achieving 54kW is possible
  • On-board chargers and off-board chargers can be linked to reduce total charging time via CAN Bus Interface
AC Input Tyco 3P HVA 280 Header Plug
Pump Control / LED Out Switchcraft 5P Header Plug
Can Bus InterfaceCurrent Switchcraft 8P Header Plug
DC Output Tyco 2P HVA 280 Header Plug
Ground Lug To ground unit to chassis (required)
LED Indicator via
Externally Mounted LED
Steady Green—Normal Operation Slow Flashing—Slave Operation(when paralleled w/other chargers)
Fast Flashing—Fault Indication; will attempt restart every 30 minutes
Safety Compliance Designed to meet UL2202
Output Cable Part Number 810247 Includes: AC Input and DC Output connectors with 10 feet (3.05m) of cable; CAN Bus Communication connector with 3 feet (1m) of cable ; Pump Control and LED Output Cable with 3 feet (1m) of cable
USB Can Adapter Part Number 015888
VIP Control Software Part Number 015777
Mounting Plate Custom configurable. Contact the factory for details and quote
Paralleling Cables Custom configurable. Contact the factory for details and quote

NOTE: Current Ways cables must be used to preserve the warranty. Please consult the factory for details on custom cable configurations to meet your specific application.