Illuminating your path towards energy independence

Our Company

Shift Power Solutions was formed on the premise that energy, as a world resource, underscores almost all of society’s progress in the electronic age. We believe modern solutions in energy management, efficiency, and generation need to be more easily understood and accessible in order to realize the tremendous potential that exists within these advancements.

At Shift we are here to guide you through those choices and help you to develop solution sets that are in perfect alignment with your business’ goals and aspirations. Energy’s impact and importance on your business cannot be understated. Our goal is to enable you to grow unhindered by the traditionally fixed cost of energy consumption. There are always choices to be made.

Without proper knowledge and guidance it is often difficult to even know what those choices are and unfortunately many companies simply make the decision not to act. This can be devastating to your bottom line when your competition has made the choice to reduce and take charge of this traditionally fixed cost. In a world where every penny counts this significant overhead not only needs to be controlled, but mastered. We are here to illuminate your path, provide insight, and deliver recommendations on what the “art of the possible” is when it comes to your power and how it’s managed.

From initial Consultation and Design, to Implementation and ongoing Monitoring we are your energy partners for life. Contact Us.