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Privacy Policy

Shift Power Solutions, Inc (Shift) is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its partners and customers. This Policy explains how Shift collects, uses, and discloses information about you when you register with us and visit our Web sites. Your use or receipt of Shift information (including our Web sites) constitutes acceptance of this Policy.

This Policy explains our practices in the following areas:

  1. The nature of the Personally Identifiable Information we collect about you and the way such information is used.
  2. The nature, frequency, and purpose of any disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information that we may make, including the types of persons or entities to whom the disclosure may be made.
  3. The period of time for which we maintain Personally Identifiable Information.
  4. How you may obtain access to and correct any Personally Identifiable Information about yourself.
  5. Your rights under the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. § 338(i). You may also purchase or use products or services provided by other companies that may be described on the Shift Website. Please contact or visit the Website of the providers of those technologies and related products or services to obtain copies of their privacy policies.

If you have questions about this Policy or other matters, you may contact us 24 hours a day, any day of the year, by email at ( or mail (Shift Power Solutions, Inc. Privacy Policy, 364 2nd Street Suite 14 Encinitas, CA 92024.)

I. Types of Information we collect and how we collect it.

In discussing the types of information we collect from customers and visitors to our Web sites, it is important to distinguish between two categories of information. We use "Customer Information" as a broad, general term that refers to any information relating to you or your Shift products or services, including Commerce Information and Web Site Information. These terms are defined in more detail below:

"Commerce Information" means Personally Identifiable Information that enables a commerce partner to fulfill your request to participate in a promotion or transaction. From time to time, we may present email offers or enable you to buy goods and services from us or third parties. Only if you take advantage of such an offer or engage in a transaction, will we collect and send information such as your name and address and your interest in a specific offer or transaction to the sponsor of the promotion or transaction. In addition to fulfilling your request, that commerce partner may also use your Commerce Information to send you other information in which you might be interested consistent with its own privacy policies.

"Web Site Information" means information collected and stored on our web servers when you become a registered user of, or visit, our Web site. If you are a customer or register on our Web site, we may collect information that you provide us (including your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number and any other information you provide) and use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Whether or not you are a SHIFT customer, we may collect information about visitors to our Web sites as follows:


We use cookies to our Web sites as part of our Web site usage tracking and/or to improve your browsing experience. These cookies remain on your computer and are automatically retrieved when you visit our Web site at a later time. These cookies contain only information to identify returning visitors and frequently visited pages. No other Customer Information is stored on cookies.

If you are uncomfortable with cookies, you may disable them on your computer. Disabling cookies may affect user functionality but the design of the SHIFT Web site allows access to most offerings with cookies disabled.

Electronic newsletters:

If you subscribe to electronic newsletters from SHIFT, we keep your e-mail address on file.

Aggregate information about Web site visitors: We create aggregate reports of visitors to our Web site to measure the performance of our sites. These reports do not contain Customer Information.

Links to other Web sites: When you visit our Web site, you will find many opportunities to link to Web sites of third parties. When you click through to these sites, SHIFT’S Privacy Policy no longer applies. We recommend that you read the privacy policy for any third party Web sites.

II. Use of Customer Information

We use Customer Information supplied to us to help understand what our customers want. We use Customer Information only in the aggregate, and not in a manner specifically relating to any piece of data’s respective source, for, at our sole discretion, any one or combination of the following purposes: editorializing, providing feedback, affecting legislative or regulatory policy, marketing and promotion, statistical analysis, product development and other business related purposes.

III. When we share Customer Information with third parties

We share Customer Information with third parties where it is necessary to conduct a legitimate business activity related to serving our or our partners’ customers.

Affiliated companies:

We may share Customer Information with affiliated companies of SHIFT If we choose to share data in this fashion, we will require our affiliates to honor this Privacy Policy.


We may share Customer Information, including product interests or purchases, with our business partners who may use this Customer Information to market products or services to you or in which you have expressed interest.

When you elect to participate in a special offer or engage in a transaction with SHIFT or a third party advertiser or promoter through the SHIFT Web site, we will collect and disclose your Commerce Information to the party sponsoring or fulfilling the promotion. This information is disclosed only upon your affirmative response to an offer. In addition to fulfilling your request, that party may also use your Commerce Information to send you other information in which you might be interested consistent with its own privacy policies.

Legal requirements

We may share Customer Information with third parties to meet legal requirements or where permitted by law to protect our rights and property. For example, we may be asked to disclose certain Customer Information in response to a subpoena or court order. In most cases where disclosure is being made pursuant to legal process, we will provide you with prior notice of such subpoena or court order so that you have the opportunity to contest in a court proceeding the subpoena or court order.

Sale or transfer of the business:

We may share Customer Information with third parties in connection with the sale, transfer, or other assignment of our business. If we are acquired by another company, that company will possess the Customer Information collected by us and will assume the rights and obligations regarding your Customer Information as described in this Privacy Policy. IV. Your choices regarding our collection and use of Customer Information The default privacy preferences, to which you hereby consent if you do not request a change to your settings, allow us to collect, use, and disclose all Customer Information in manners consistent with this Privacy Policy.

You may further opt not to receive communications that we send to you based on your Commerce Information or Web site Information. If you make this choice, you understand that we will not be able to inform you about any upcoming features, improvements, or promotions regarding SHIFT, its products and partners. In all cases, however, we will collect and use your information for legitimate business purposes.

If you prefer that we not share your Customer Information with affiliated companies or third parties, please call by e-mail at ( or mail (Shift Power Solutions, Inc. Privacy Policy, 364 2nd Street Suite 14 Encinitas, CA 92024).

IV. How long we keep Customer Information

We maintain information about you for as long as we or our partners provide service to you, and longer for related business activities. After information is no longer necessary for our business purposes, we destroy the information unless there is an outstanding request or order to preserve the information.

V. Our do not contact policy

We may, from time to time, contact you by mail, e-mail or telephone to tell you about additional products or services that we or third parties may offer. e-mail ( or mail (Shift Power Solutions, Inc. Privacy Policy, 364 2nd Street Suite 14 Encinitas, CA 92024). If you do not wish to receive e-mail, please contact us via e-mail at

VI. How we protect the security of Customer Information

We take reasonable steps to protect Customer Information by using security technologies and procedures that limit access to our databases. However, no system is completely secure or error-free. We do not, and cannot, guarantee the complete security of Customer Information.

VII. Your access to information and rights under the Communications Act

You may obtain access to information we collect about you and correct any errors in such information by contacting us anytime by e-mail ( or mail (Shift Power Solutions, Inc. Privacy Policy, 364 2nd Street Suite 14 Encinitas, CA 92024).

The Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. § 338(i), governs our practices concerning the collection and disclosure of personally identifiable information about you. If you believe we have violated the provisions of the Communications Act, you may bring an action for damages, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and costs. By using these Web sites you agree that claims such as these will be resolved by binding arbitration.

VIII. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make a significant change with regard to our collection or use of information about our customers, we will note on the main page of our Web site that this Policy has been updated and may take additional reasonable steps to notify you about the new or revised Policy. We will make a reasonable attempt to notify you in some form 30 days before the effective date of the change.

To comment on or ask about this Policy, e-mail ( or mail (Shift Power Solutions, Inc. Privacy Policy, 364 2nd Street Suite 14 Encinitas, CA 92024).

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