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Filters up to 6,500 gallons a day at a rate of 4.5 GPM

Up to 4 days of Operation Without Recharge

Built in redundancy: Solar direct operation built in without batteries required (daytime only) for greater productivity

Ultra Filtration Membrane Technology

Charcoal Post Filtration: additional filtration and flavoring

High Volume Pleated Pre-Filtration

Onboard Disinfecting Chemical Injection System

TDS Sensor-preset and customizable

Automatic UF Backwashing

Meets or exceeds NSF certification quality

Flow Meter - To Detect Usage

Pre & Post Pressure Gauges

24 Volt VAC Valves (Micro Processor Controlled)h

System Operational In Maintenance Configuration(no hose disconnect)

Pressure drop auto kill switch-prevents running dry

All Corrosion resistant construction

Supports well operations up to 150 feet

Bore Hole well depths up to 450 ft with pump upgradeg

Retractable Service Platform

Adjustable Solar Panel Angle

Integrated Solar Power

Wind Power Solar Power


AC Power (110-220)


UF Membrane



Chlorine for Chemical Injector

Feeder Pump Filter Sock

Model Number SPS W 30K UF
Membrane Size 4" x 40"
Production Rate 6,500 GPD
Electrical Voltage 110-120 VAC
Motor Rating 3/4 HP
Pre-Filter Nano Log 3 filter
Post-Filter GAC w/1 CUFT Area
Unit Dimensions 37"Wx68"DX30"H
Dry Wieght (lbs) 2900 LBS
Minimum Feed Pressure 5 PSI
Operating Pressure 35 PSI
Max Hardnes of water 20 Grains
Max Water Temperature 105°F
Max Chlorine (Continuous) 3 PPM
Max Total Dissolved Solids 3000 PPM
PH Range 4-11
Turbidity 250
Max Total Suspended Solids 600 PPM


NATO Slave Receptacle Power cable

10 or 50 foot NATO Connector Cable

Additional 25 foot water hose sections with power cord

Solar Panel Set with Case – 220 Watt Blanket

AC/DC Converter

High Volume Feeder Pump

US Garden Hose adapter to other tube standard

Storage Tanks

Free standing Pole mount stand for panel and unit

Deep Well Augmentation